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TurboReferer is not offered for sale directly from our sites. Please contact with a reseller for getting the script.

How Your Affiliates Will Multiply Their Profits By Becoming Your Referrers Too And How They Will Drive Your Website Traffic Counters Crazy, Push Your Ezine Subscriptions To The Limit And Stuff More Cold-Hard Cash Into Your Pockets... AND How You Can Reward Them - Guaranteed 

All Done 100% Automatically

1. Turbine: turbocharger.
2. Driven by a turbine: turbojet.
(Source: The American Heritage(R) Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)

A misspelling of "referrer" which somehow made it into the HTTP standard. A given web page's referer (sic) is the URL of whatever web page contains the link that the user followed to the current page. Most browsers pass this information as part of a request.
(Source: The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing)

Your Ultimate Viral Marketing Weapon

"Every once and a while, I meet someone whom I consider to be a marketing genius. After spending the last few days in communication with John Delavera, I will place this label on him as well..."

Keith Baxter
Read Keith Baxter's review for TurboReferer by following the link above.

Every once in a while a great script finds its way to the Internet to make your life easier and to help you make money on the Net. This is it!

I am a firm believer in automating your site as much as possible. TurboReferer is very powerful. Its potential for boosting your sales and return visits is fantastic!

Teresa King,

I am impressed! ... Especially the feature where it will correctly track the referees even if they buy using a different email address! If this feature alone does not prompt people to refer their friends, I do not know what else will!

Adrian Ling,
What a great script! 
This is not your run of the mill "Tell your friends" cgi script. This program runs itself. Once installed, your visitors do have an extra choice of whether to purchase your product/membership OR WIN it! 

This is powerful stuff.
I have never seen a more versatile script! 

Dave Cox

From the e-desk of John Delavera

Dear Webmaster/Merchant/Website Owner:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if each visitor suggested your website to 5, 10, 15, 50, 100 people? 

  • Is just 1 of your visitors, name him Bob, suggests your site to 5 friends and each 1 of them refers your site to 5 more friends... and this continues down to 5 levels, you'd get more than 390,625 new referees.
  • Now say, that, 10 out of 100 referees visit your site. You'd have 39,062 more visitors.
  • Even if you sell nothing you can use this traffic for increasing the subscribers for your newsletter.
  • Let's say now you sell a product that costs $47.
  • Just 1 out of 100 visitor orders your product. You'd have 390 new customers.
  • Multiply 390 by $47 and you'll see that what Bob started produced an extra $18,830.00 in sales - for you.    

Nice story...
BUT... but have you ever thought the questions your visitor may have?

  • Why should I give out the names and email addresses of my friends and loved ones to you?

  • What (and where is) MY benefit?

  • Why makes my referral worth the effort?

  • ...and in simple words: What should I earn?

Here is how TurboReferer comes into the fore...

TurboReferer gives responsible answers to your visitors and makes a deal both... 

...with you:

Use me and define the PRIZES you want me to distribute. I'll manage, remember and track all the referrers, referees, buyers OR subscribers, create relationships in my database for all, give the credit of each sale OR subscription to the right referrer - if one exists, send all the messages, you define and reward your referrers-winners with the prizes you'll have defined. You've nothing else to do: just let me run in your server!  

...and with your visitors/referrers/affiliates:

Refer this website to as many friends you can - now or later on through your account. Use YOUR affiliate webpage I'll also create for you and insert YOUR information (email, newsletter, your links, etc.) too.

  • If 5 of your referees order/subscribe you get $15.00 cash.

  • If 10 more of your referees order/subscribe you get the $30.00 cash.

  • If 20 more of your referees order/subscribe you get $50.00 cash and  the ebook "How to Get More Sales" ebook with Master Resell Rights.

  • PLUS you'll get your normal commissions for your 35 sales!

  • PLUS you'll be able to CUSTOMIZE your affiliate page and include YOUR affiliate links too.

  • PLUS you 'll be able to get subscribers for your newsletter through your affiliate page.

  • PLUS you'll be able to send traffic to any webpage you want - even to your website and get sales for YOUR product through your affiliate page in this server!

Use me and get prizes for your referrals, commissions for your affiliate efforts, traffic to your site and more subscribers for your newsletter.

Fair deal, eh? And unique, too!

TurboReferer is a revolutionary ALL in 1 Solution. 

Moreover, TurboReferer is

Your Ultimate
 Viral Marketing Weapon!

At L(e)ast
17 Additional Profit Streams For You Using Your Existing Website & TurboReferer

Profit Stream #1

Reward People for sending BUYERS to Your Web Site For Your Intangible Products/ Services (ebooks, software, memberships, etc.)

I accept credit card orders through ClickBank and want to reward referrers for sending people to my website. 

If I get orders through my referrers they'll be rewarded too. The more orders I get the more prizes or cash my referrers'll get. 

Is it possible all these to be done automatically?

Answer: YES 
That's exactly what TurboReferer can do for you.

Traffic brings sales. 
By offering INCENTIVES to your visitors to refer your site, they will spread the word about your product. Traffic will increase, visitors will be referring your site one after another and a percentage of your visitors will buy your product - that's how market works in all cases. 

The more traffic your website attracts the more higher the percentages for getting more sales for your product. With TurboReferer if your visitor/referee will not buy then he will become your referrer, refer your site to more people in order to win your prizes... and so on. That's how your traffic and sales explode with TurboReferer.

Here is an example:

Suppose you sell an X product for $20.00 in your site.

@ Bob visits your site.

@ Bob has 2 choices: either to Order your product or to Win Prizes by referring his friends to your website.

@ Bob decides to get the prizes (bonuses, free gifts, your product, whatever - you decide).

@ He registers, logs in to his account, and reads:

  • If 5 of your referees order => you get $50.00 cash.
  • If 15 of your referees order in total => you get $100.00 more.
  • If 25 of your referees order in total => you get $100.00 more.

Bob logs into his account now and again and invites his friends... What happens next:

  • 5 of Bob's referees order YOUR product => Bob gets $50.00 (you get another $50.00 from Bob's sales.)
  • After some period 10 more referees order your product => Bob gets $100.00 (you get $100.00 too.)
  • After a while 25 of Bob's referees in total have ordered your product => Bob got $250.00 and you got $250.00 too from Bob's sales.  
  • Since your system, works, you add more prizes; thus when Bob logs in to his account again he reads: For every 10 orders you send to this site you get paid $100.00

[Question] What chance is there that Bob - or ANY Bob - will NOT refer your site to 4,5,7,10 friends in order to get your prizes or cash?

[Answer] ZERO. Do you know why? Because... 

  • Bob has NOTHING to lose, and  
  • Everybody loves to win - especially products and cash!

Profit Stream #2

Reward People for sending BUYERS to Your Web Site For Your Tangible Products (CDs, books, etc.)

I accept credit card orders for a TANGIBLE PRODUCT. 

I use Paypal - or a payment gateway that does not offer Thank-You pages. I'm informed by email when a sale is done. 

So, I want to reward people for sending more BUYERS to my website. When I get orders through my referrers they'll get prizes & cash too. Can I do it?

Answer: YES 
I bet you have already used a "Tell-a-friend" feature for your site. If you cannot GUARANTEE the credit of the sale to your referrers, there is no point for them to suggest your site.

With TurboReferer in your site you can give this guarantee. You can prove to your referrers that their account will be credited for the sale under ANY situation: even if their referee/buyer gives ANOTHER email address upon the verification of his order.

Profit Stream #3  

Reward People For Sending SUBSCRIBERS To Your Ezine/Newsletter

I know that "Money Is On The List" and I want to reward people for sending SUBSCRIBERS to my Ezine.

I want an AUTOMATIC way for doing this. Is it possible?

Answer: YES

You install TurboReferer in your site and choose "Ezine mode". You define the prizes, the number of the subscribers each prize requires and the messages to be sent. 

TurboReferer will manage all leads, subscriptions, will credit the referrer's account and will track all referees. You can even instruct TurboReferer to add your subscribers to a mailing list - your newsletter's list, or ANY list.

Another example:

Here is Bob again.

@ Bob visits your site with $250.00 in his pocket; Bob now LOVES your site.

@ He reads that you reward referrers for sending subscribers to your newsletter.

@ He registers, logs in to his account, and reads:

  • If 5 of your referees subscribe => you get Ebook A With Master Resell Rights.
  • If 15 in total of your referees subscribe => you get Software A With Master Resell Rights.
  • And for each 10 of successful referees you'll be getting $10.00 cash.

Bob'll also be sending to your site SUBSCRIBERS too!

Profit Stream #4

Reward People For Sending VISITORS To Your Web Site Even If You're Not Selling A Product Or Service

I don't sell anything. 

I just want to allow the visitors to suggest my website to their friends BUT also want to reward the referrers for sending traffic (real people) to my website.

Answer: Perfect 
With TurboReferer you can AUTOMATE the whole process. You'll define the prizes and the number of referees each prize requires from the referrer, edit the messages sent to referrers, winners and referees and then forget it.

You can use automation at its best - no more manual replies, 

taking notes who sent whom to your site, trying to "read" the log files, sending email messages to your referrers-winners with instructions on how to get their prizes, etc. 

TurboReferer will be your lovely ROBOT! 

Profit Stream #5

Offer An Additional Profit Stream To Your Affiliates Through Your Referral Reward System

I run an affiliate program for my product/ service. 

I always wanted to include a referral system but there is no way to incorporate one to the affiliate program I offer.

Answer: Wrong!

You can use TurboReferer and instruct it to "co-operate" with the affiliate program you offer. 

TurboReferer can add your referrers to your affiliates' mailing list easily: you just define the email address of your autoresponder.

Additionaly, with TurboReferer in action you'll be able to offer EXTRA prizes to your affiliates in addition to their normal commissions and also UNIQUE affiliate pages they can CUSTOMIZE! (Read on)

Profit Stream #6

Offer To Your Affiliates/Referrers UNIQUE Web Pages They Can CUSTOMIZE and UPDATE With Their Information, Links And Resources

I'd like to offer  to my affiliates templates they could choose their affiliate page that they could CUSTOMIZE with THEIR information and THEIR affiliate links - or even add THEIR resources/links...

I'd also like to offer ADDITIONAL templates to my affiliates in the future for adding more products inside the templates.

How can I offer ALL the above?

Answer: Actually, you can offer ALL the above options ONLY through TurboReferer!

With TurboReferer you can offer to your affiliates an ADDITIONAL affiliate page THEY CAN CUSTOMIZE AND UPDATE!

Here is an example (with Bob again):

When Bob registers with TurboReferer either for sending BUYERS or SUBSCRIBERS to your site, he can choose from a series of TEMPLATES in order to create his affiliate UNIQUE webpage.

Bob can then insert to HIS SPECIAL affiliate webpage in YOUR server:

  1. his firstname and lastname, 
  2. his email address, 
  3. his website title, 
  4. his website URL, 
  5. his ClickBank ID with a "hoplink" to YOUR site OR to HIS site OR both, 
  6. his affiliate URL to your product(s), 
  7. his additional affiliate links,
  8. etc...

And also, Bob is able:

  • to UPDATE his profile and make changes to ALL the above,
  • to decide if he wants to display his email address or not,
  • to update his profile and 
  • also CHANGE the additional affiliate links and  descriptions when ever he feels to!

PLUS: You can offer unlimited templates allowing your affiliates to promote MULTIPLE products through 1 affiliate page ONLY! That means MULTIPLE Profit Streams for your affiliates too!

  • YOU draw the templates the way you want to.
  • YOU can add as many templates you want to.
  • You even can add more templates in the future and allow your affiliate -Bob- to CHANGE his affiliate template!

Some examples:

Suppose, today you sell product A.
Tomorrow you'll create products B or C, or run a new Ezine, or get the resell rights for a new product or become an affiliate to another product... 

You create a new template for your referrers/affiliates and they can change their affiliate page using your new template!

No more STATIC affiliate pages! This feature alone makes TurboReferer a HOT application!

For example, you offer 10 products through your affiliate program, so you create 10 different templates - one for each specific product.

Your affiliates can promote ANY product they want, when ever they decide to, USING ONLY 1 AFFILIATE URL! 

Please note this section:

If you use TurboReferer as a referral rewarding system then you can use it for selling 1 product or for promoting 1 ezine. TurboReferer will inspect the orders or the subscriptions and will credit the affiliates' accounts.

If you use TurboReferer the way described above (as an your automatic affiliate page generator) you will disable the referral rewarding system and you will practically enable the "Contest Mode" of TurboReferer (this is a new modification, February 2004).


TurboReferer in Normal Mode

Suppose Bob sells the ebook A through ClickBank.
TurboReferer is being used in "Normal Mode".
That means if Bob's affiliates refer 10 people and generate 10 sales, then they will be paid by ClickBank - as normal - and they will also be credited by TurboReferer and get the prizes you have defined (Prize 1 for N orders, Prize 2 for N+N orders, etc.)

TurboReferer in Ezine Mode

Or suppose that Bob runs the ezine E.  
TurboReferer is being used in "Ezine Mode".
That means if Bob's referrers refer 10 people and generate 10 subscriptions, then they will be credited by TurboReferer and get the prizes you have defined (Prize 1 for N orders, Prize 2 for N+N orders, etc.)

TurboReferer as an affiliate page generator

Now, suppose B sells ebook A, ebook B and ebook C through ClickBank.

Bob will edit the template for the registration so the affiliate can only create an affiliate page that can change anytime he wants. Thus, Bob will create 3 templates, one for each ebook: template_1.html for ebook 1, template_2.html for ebook 2, template_3.html for ebook 3.

Bob's affiliates can login to their account and CHOOSE which product to promote by selecting the corresponding template/product. This way Bob's affiliates do not have to email their friends. All they can do is to point them to their URL-website. Say, an affiliate chooses to promote his affiliate page for ebook 1. If s/he is not satisfied by the sales, s/he can login again to his/her account and select to promote his/her affiliate page for the ebook 2 or the ebook 3. This is possible due to the special way ClickBank allows to insert the affiliate's nickname directly to an order. ClickBank can change this feature in the future though, but till then you can use TurboReferer the way described above.

TurboReferer as Contest/Draw Manager and affiliate booster

Now... You can include a small form in the templates for your affiliates and run your own Contest. This way your affiliates do not have to email their friends. All they can do is to point them to their URL-website. Every sub-affiliate that will be registered through their site with TurboReferer will be added to that contest. Then when you want to end the Contest/Draw you login to your administration panel, click a button and Dadahhh...: the email of the winner is displayed.

Here is the best of all: Your referrers/affiliates will get 1 ticket for each sub-affiliate they send to your site. So if affiliate A sends 10 people he will get 10+1 tickets and will participate to the contest with 11 tickets in total. You can allow the winner to continue participating to the contest with the existing tickets s/he has or delete his/her existing tickets and try again from the beginning - you choose what to do.

Since YOU create the templates for your affiliate pages, you can add ANYTHING you want!

  • Do you want to add a "BOOKMARK THIS SITE" javascript code? Insert it to the template and it's ready.
  • Do you want to add your other products inside the pages for your affiliates? Just insert the links and it's done!
  • Do you want to also add a list with some best sellers under your ClickBank ID? Just insert the "hop-links" and you're ready to get more commissions through your affiliates' pages.  

With TurboReferer in your site, 
you will make the difference!

Click below to view some templates used in our server:

Profit Stream #7

Offer To Your Affiliates/Referrers A Way To Get Subscribers For Their Ezine Through Their Affiliate Page In Your Website While Sending Subscribers To Your Ezine Too

I run an affiliate program for my product/ service. 

The problem - with ALL affiliate scripts or services I have used - is that if NO sale is done, my affiliates get ...NOTHING - while I get all this traffic they send to my site. 

"That's quite unfair"... my affiliates say... 
And I know it is.

I'd like my affiliates to be able to get subscribers for their Ezine through their affiliate page in my website if no sale is occured.

Is there a solution for this?

Answer: TurboReferer is the only solution that offers what you want.

You can create special templates and allow your affiliates to ADD information about their Ezine or Newsletter, URLs, descriptions, their email autoresponder addresses, etc.

Your affiliates will be able to GET SUBSCRIBERS for THEIR newsletter too, while sending more traffic and more subscribers to your website and newsletter.

Now, here is the best part:

You have 2 options:

  1. Either to instruct TurboReferer to create a SPECIAL additional affiliate page for your affiliate (like the templates in the previous Profit Stream) OR to
  1. Instruct TurboReferer to create a FRAMED web page for your affiliate with a link to your web site (and a "hop-link" IF you use ClickBank) In this case, TurboReferer will ALSO create a SECOND affiliate page with a "POP-UP on exit" SPECIAL affiliate page! 

This is how your affiliates can QUADRUPLE their percentages for getting a sale:

1. Using your existing affiliate program.

2. Using their Special Affiliate Page through TurboReferer.

3. Using their framed "hop-link" affiliate page (ClickBank case) and.

4. Using their POP-UP Special Affiliate Page through TurboReferer...

Even if NO sale is made, your affiliate CAN:

  • Get more subscribers for HIS newsletter.
  • Direct visitors to OTHER affiliate pages. 
  • Can lead his referees to HIS website, HIS affiliate links or to other products you offer!

This is how your affiliates can use MORE ways to promote your site through TurboReferer:

a. They can use their affiliate links through your existing affiliate program.

b. They can use and send traffic to their UNIQUE affiliate webpage created by TurboReferer.

c. They can send traffic directly to your Homepage and also use their SECOND page as a POP-UP window if their referee leaves the site without ordering! This way both your affiliate and you have a SECOND chance to sell your product AND also a chance to get one more subscriber to your Ezine/Newsletter!

Pay Attention to this example - All cases below apply to the same referrer/affiliate

  1. This is a direct affiliate page using ClickBank as your affiliate program.
  1. This is the special referrer/affiliate page created by TurboReferer - with your server's URL - using one of your templates.
  1. This is a FRAMED affiliate page using a ClickBank "hop-link" BUT using your server's URL! Click any link to leave that page and notice the POP-UP!

Profit Stream #8

Offer An Affiliate Program & "Pay" Your Affiliates No Matter Where You Live

I don't offer an affiliate program to my website because I cannot pay affiliates either by Paypal or by sending checks and I cannot use Clickbank either... 

However, I'd like to offer an affiliate program and reward my affiliates with prizes... 

Is it possible?

Answer: YES

You can now use TurboReferer as your stand-alone affiliate program and reward your affiliates with prizes (ebooks, software, scripts, etc.)

Profit Stream #9

Offer Affiliate URLs That Include Your Domain Name And Also Offer Keyword-Rich Affiliate Pages

I'd like to offer an affiliate program and add my KEYWORDS inside the templates pages my affiliates could use... 

All the above done automatically for me...
Is it ...possible?

Answer: YES

Suppose "Bob" is the 123rd of your affiliates. 
His affiliate page will be:

You can DEFINE THE KEYWORDS inside the templates for your referrers/affiliates: the more referrers you get the more "keyword-rich pages" are created into your server and the more Search Engines will LOVE your site! 

Search Engines LOVE links and targeted keywords - they'll love your site too:-)

This way TurboReferer'll create for you:

  • Links to your website.
  • Higher rankings to Search Engines for your website.
  • A steady stream of traffic through Search Engines.
  • More Sales & Subscribers again and again...

All done automatically - the way you want.

Profit Stream #10

Show The Referee Who Referred Him And What His Referrer Won

I want all the above and also want the referees to be informed WHO their referrer was and what the referrer won. 

This way, I'll give additional incentives to both my referrers and referees for sending me more traffic which will lead to more sales for me. 

Is it possible?

Answer: YES

The referrer's name - whose account has been credited either for the sale or the subscription or the plain referall - will be the first time the referee will see.

Profit Stream #11

Offer Extra Prizes To Your Joint-Venture Partners In Addition To Their Normal Commissions

I already offer an affiliate program and pay my affiliates $30.00 for every sale they produce through their account.

I don't want to change the affiliate program I offer BUT I want an add-on so to automatically offer EXTRA prizes (cash or any other deals) to my Joint-Ventures' Partners in addition to their normal commissions.

Is it possible?

Answer: YES - you can do it ONLY through TurboReferer!

Here is what you can do.

Suppose you a) sell the product A for $60.00 b) offer 50% to your affiliates - that's $30.00 for each sale and c) use Clickbank - or any other affiliate program. 

You can hide TurboReferer in your server and offer only to some special top partners you want to register with TurboReferer.

This way your partners will get:

a. Their normal commissions through your existing affiliate program, and

b. The extra prizes you'll define through TurboReferer.

For the shake of our example, if one of your partners send 10 sales to you he will get paid $300.00 through ClickBank and the prize YOU have defined for the 10 sales he sent you.

You don't have to "inspect" the whole procedure...
You don't have to remember who sent what...
No more notes, smart "organizers", clever reminders...

TurboReferer will get the SKIN of your site!
You configure TurboReferer once and that's it!

Everything will be dealt with Pure 100% Automation!

Think Smart and you can use TurboReferer to turbo-explode your Joint Ventures!

Profit Stream #12

Offer Extra Prizes To Your Affiliates Additionally To Their Normal Commissions - 100% Automatically (no need to change your affiliate program)

I already offer an affiliate program that pays 40% my affiliates for every sale produced by their account.

I want to offer EXTRA prizes (cash, ebooks, software, anytning...) to my affiliates for every N number of sales they produce.

Is it possible?

Answer: YES - you can do it ONLY through TurboReferer!

Just tell your affiliates to register with TurboReferer. 

This way your affiliates will get:

a. Their commissions through your affiliate program, and
b. The extra prizes you'll define through TurboReferer.

I'm talking you about an AMAZING
Viral Marketing Weapon You Just Cannot Miss!

- Or miss it and make your competitors Happy -

7 More Profit Streams Follow...

Profit Stream #13

Offer An Affiliate Program For Members-Only

I want to run an affiliate program for members only and to be able to suspend the referrer's/ affiliate's account if he'll either cancel his account or if he'll not pay. Can this be done?

Answer: YES - You have the total control!

You can suspend a referrer's account by LOCKING the access to his web page. 

And you can do it easily: You just login to your Administrator Panel and choose "Change To Inactive".

When I say LOCKING I mean it: An .htaccess file will be created AUTOMATICALLY and NOT EVEN YOU can access the suspended account!

Profit Stream #14

Create Templates With Affiliates Links To Multiple Income Sources So Your Affiliates Can "Brand" And Also Add THEIR Resources And Information 

I'd like to create a dozen of templates with some 1000s of ClickBank "hop-links"... 

The referrer/affiliate will be able to choose a template and then CUSTOMIZE the affiliate links with HIS ClickBank ID - automatically with just 1 click.

I'd even run it as a membership site and allow my referrers/affiliates to benefit from 1000s of affiliate links.

I think I can do it with TurboReferer.

Answer: Correct!

You can do exactly what you describe:-) 
Click here to view an example!

Profit Stream #15

Create A "Web-Ring" For Professionals And Get Paid For Allowing Them To Offer Their Services PLUS Reward Them For Sending BUYERS To Your Website

I want to run a website for professionals - doctors or lawyers.

I'd like to offer an affiliate program that would allow my clients to customize their templates automatically. I'd include some special elements for their profession and they can add their information.

Can I offer this service as a "membership-version" of an affiliate program and also reward muy clients for sending Buyers to my website?

Answer: Of course

You've already read that TurboReferer can LOCK the access to your referrer's affiliate page by creating an .htaccess file inside the referrer's folder.

What this feature means for you? 

You can use TurboReferer for your membership site and offer a Special Affiliate Program for your members-only. 

If one member will not pay you then you can easily change his account to inactive. If your member pays you after some period, no problem: you change his account to active!

Profit Stream #16

Offer An Affiliate Program In Seconds Even If Don't Know How To Create A Single Web Page

I am a newbie... 

I want to offer an affiliate program but I cannot create a website or install an affiliate program... 

Am I out of this?

Answer: No

Installation AND configuration are offered for a fair price. You'll also get your first ebooks with Master Resell Rights you can either resell or offer them as your prizes to your affiliates or both!

Profit Stream #17

Your story here...


BenJamin Prater
in his FutureSoft Diary

FORGET All "Tell-a-friend/Suggest this site" Scripts. TurboReferer Makes Them ...Dust!

What makes TurboReferer truly UNIQUE (again: YOU CAN NOT FIND SUCH ALL IN ONE SOLUTION ELSEWHERE ON THE NET) is its ability to credit referrer accounts under a variety of different circumstances! 

It's called: 

TurboReferer's Artificial Intelligence

In simple words: there is NO-NO-NO way for your referrers to lose credit from their referrals...

  • ...even if the referee gives a DIFFERENT email address... or
  • ...even if the referee doesn't use referrer's link at all!

As you understand, the happier your referrers are the more money/subscribers/traffic you earn.

Okay... Tell Me How TurboReferer Works... 
How the Magic Happens?

Click here for a detailed Example

So, This Is How TurboReferer Can Work For You

  • ...As your referral reward system

  • ...As your traffic's booster

  • ...As your sales' booster

  • ...As your subscriptions' booster

  • ...As your opt-in email collector

  • ...As your awards' system

  • ...As your affiliate program

  • ...As your affiliate-addon program

  • ...As your linking strategy

  • ...As your keyword-rich affiliate pages' generator

  • ...As your multiple affiliate pages' provider

  • ...As your Joint-Ventures' Secret Weapon

  • ...As your "Thank You" pages' guard

  • ...As Your Ultimate Viral Marketing Weapon!

...And these are just a few of the ways you can put TurboReferer in action!

Not astonished yet?
More benefits and features...

TurboReferer is so powerful and also packed with features that both administrators and referrers will definitely love:

  • Integration With MANY payment systems: just to mention only some of them: ClickBank, PayPal, StormPay, MoneyBrokers,,,, etc.  The preferable scenario is to use TurboReferer with a payment system that uses "Thank You" pages to deliver the product, but there are ways to use TurboReferer even if "Thank You" pages are not offered.  
  • Integration With ALL affiliate scripts: TurboReferer can work with Adrian Ling's EasyClickMate, Kaviraj Kodai's ClickBank Manager,'s affiliate script, and with ANY other affiliate script offered on the Net today. 
  • Integration With Any Autoresponder system: TurboReferer can send BOTH the referrer's and also the referee's email address to ANY autoresponder email address you want!
  • Fully Customizable to Meet Your Needs: You determine and can customize everything:
    • headers & footers,
    • the prizes, the number of referees for each prize, the message "Bob" receives for each prize,
    • all messages sent to referrers and referees - upon their registration and upon their orders,
    • all notification messages sent to you for the winners,
    • the templates for your affiliates,
    • and much more!
  • Configurable 100%: You define all messages to referrers and referees.
  • Template-driven pages: You customize everything to get the look and feel of your site!
  • Extra Earning Power: You can place your ad as a footer to all messages sent to referrers and referees and sell advertising space too!
  • Built-in mailing list: You can send your personalized email messages to referrers, referees or to both either in text or html format!
  • Tracking of all records: It prevents cheating because you can forbid duplicate email addresses to be used!
  • Password protected Administration Panel: You'll have peace of mind knowing your valuable information is secure with web-based password protection! 
  • Referrer Account Access: Your referrers will love being able to CHECK on the status of the people referred, personalizing their referral messages, referring additional friends, and receiving instant notification when they earn the reward!
  • Instant notification of the Winners: You're notified (as the Administrator) by email with the name and email address of the referrer that wins.
  • Massive capacity: TurboReferer can deal with thousands of names and email addresses!
  • Easy Installation 

Click here to view a demonstration of the installation and of the administration panel.

And its technical identity:

TurboReferer needs:

  • A UNIX server
  • MySQL database (1 database can be used for 2 installations)
  • Perl and DBI module
  • Sendmail OR mail server for sending the mailing, thus it works with terrific speed: email messages are sent in seconds to both referrers and referees.

While the above are standard features with most web hosts, please  be sure your server has the ability to host TurboReferer BEFORE ordering:

Click here to download checkdbi.cgi script (it's zipped so you will need WinZip to uncompress it), upload it to your cgi-bin in ASCII format, chmod it 755 and run it through your browser. If DBI module - which is required- will be found in your server then you can order TurboReferer.

Note: You can use TurboReferer for selling 1 product or service. Next version will support multiple products/services. TurboReferer is ideal if you use ClickBank, Paypal and as your payment gateways, and in general any system that offers "Thank You" pages upon the completion of the order.

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Note: You Get The Rights to Sell These Resources and Keep ALL the Profits! A ready-to-receive-sales website template accompanies each e-book. All you have to do is to upload the e-book you wish into your server, install TurboReferer, add an "Order Or Win" option and forget it - until you receive your sales' checks:-)

60 days Guarantee

Order TurboReferer risk-free today and use it in your web site. If in 60 days you're not satisfied by the extra sales/subscriptions/referrals and/or the improved traffic statistics TurboReferer produces for you, just email me and get your money back 100%. No questions asked, just email me.

Plus, the free bonuses are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble. No questions asked, just email me - if you're not happy with it.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't produce profits using our software then we're the loser, not you. 

The Cost...

New version 2.0 of TurboReferer costs $197.00 $147.00 and I can assure you this is a low price compared to what this viral application offers.  

Please visit a reseller's site for ordering.

Click here if you want to become a reseller

The Internet Company


Get TurboReferer now! 

I was always a firm believer in "tell-a-friend" scripts, but this is the Rolls Royce of referral systems! As soon as I finished reading the informative web site, I was sold, but being a Native New Yorker I went on the hunt for "something better and/or cheaper." 

Take my advice, on the Internet as a whole, there is NOTHING BETTER than TurboReferer! In fact, I did not find anything that remotely does what it does; managing, reporting, e-mailing, etc. It's unbelievable. No, I don't own stock with the company; I paid my hard earned money and this script is worth ten times the price. And the customer service and technical support is both professional and personal -- top notch, all the way! 

Don't waste your time thinking, looking and weighing your options -- this highly configurable script will spread the word of your site like no other.

Ronald E. Slaton

What an innovative Script!
I just finished installing TurboReferer and I'm so excited!... It's fully customisable, and there are virtually endless ways you can use this program to drive traffic to your site. If used correctly, the potential of increasing your sales should be phenomenal!

Ryan Sawyer, 
I want to thank you for developing such an ingenius marketing tool! TurboReferer is the best thing that could have happended to me.

Before I got your product, I would join those two dollar ad campaigns, you know those that send me "subscribers" but I have to run ads for them. My entire ezine was filled with those ads. I had no time to actually put together my ezine since all my energy went to placing and formating "their ads." Once I got TurboReferer I no longer needed those bogus programs. I was soon getting real subscribers and people joining to help me get even more subscribers.

How can I say it? Your TurboReferer has actually helped me getting so many subscribers that now the ads I place in my ezine earn me a nice profit!

TurboReferer is awesome.

Gilberto Cintron
I am truly impressed with the Turboreferer. My clients think it's great that I put a Contest on my website to win a free anti-aging product.

It makes my life a lot easier and the nice thing is that Turboreferer has so many different options and it lets my clients keep track of their own referrals.

Keep up the good work!

L'EXQUISITE - Esthetics & Nails
You can't be serious about marketing if you pass up this great piece of software that tracks, manages, and automates all your referrals and affiliate stats. 

I cannot believe this solution provides over 17 powerful methods to add extra income streams to your website!  

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Richard Trice here, and I just wanted to write to commend you on one of the best software programs I have purchased since starting an Internet marketing business. 

I am extremely impressed with this program. This is probably a little biased because I am very much in love with the concept, idea and potential of your TurboReferer software. But it is not just the software, it is also the customer service. Every time I put in a help desk ticket I get almost immediate response. I own a lot of software products and I can assure you that this is not the norm. 

The software has such great potential that I could never list it all, but if there is a better incentive program to get people to promote your products than this one, I would love to know about it. 

Well, before I end up sounding like a paid endorsement, I'll end here.

Richard Trice III
"The Most Powerful Business Automation Software Ever!!" 

Dear John,

This software is AWESOME

The traffic that has been generated in less than 30 days of use is incredible! This business tool's value is worth much more than its cost. The long term results will be astronomical. The profits are already staggering! No business seeking to drive traffic to its web site should be without the "TurboReferer". 

John... not only have you made an incredible impact on us, you have changed the way we do business. 

We give you 5 thumbs up!

David Schroeder

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